Larry Scott - The Legend - Larry Scott was the winner of the Mr. Olympia title the first two years of the competition in 1965 and 1966.

Steve Davis - Mr World - The New Breed Physique

Steve Speyrer’s Classic Anatomy Gym - I consider myself to be more of a Body Sculptor than a Bodybuilder. A Body Sculptor is interested in the health and beauty of the physique. Physiques built along the lines of quality and detail, a physique of balance and definition.

Randy Roach – Muscle, Smoke & Mirrors - Randy Roach is the author of the 3-volume book series Muscle, Smoke & Mirrors. The books entail a comprehensive history of bodybuilding and all its related issues such as diet, supplements, weightlifting, fitness, strength training, drugs, and even global politics.

Dennis B. Weis - The Official Site of "The Yukon Hercules".  The information packed site of the legendary muscle writer & power-bodybuilder!

Clarence Bass' RIPPED Enterprises - Clarence Bass has been called "the most articulate and well-read spokesman in America for an all-round fitness lifestyle." He believes in combining weights, aerobics and sound nutrition to achieve total fitness and permanent fat loss.

David Robson, Personal Trainer - Your health and fitness goals can be achieved with the right instruction and support that David Robson's Balance Online Training provides.

GMV Bodybuilding DVDs - the Largest Collection in the World -  featuring the top male and female bodybuilders on DVD.

Premier Cycling and Racing - Greg Sushinsky shares his passion for cycling, his joy of pedaling, exploring and discovering.

Greg Sushinsky, the Writer - a glimpse into the work and world of Greg Sushinsky, a versatile, talented, widely published professional writer.

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