How would you like the legendary Vince Gironda as your personal trainer? Can’t be done, you say, since Vince has been gone now for a couple of decades. You can still access much of Vince’s information through his courses and books, or if you’ve taken instruction from him or know someone who has, you can learn a lot. 

But what if you had a DVD of the living, breathing, talking, instructing, master himself, the Iron Guru, the legendary teacher of bodybuilding and sculptor of classic physiques? What if you could see and hear him instructing in his inimitable way?
Impossible, you say? Not so.
Robert Torres, a true student of Vince Gironda, trained under the personal supervision of Vince for the 1985 Jr. Mr. America contest. Robert had the foresight to record video and audio of much of Vince’s instruction at the legendary Vince’s Gym where his training took place. 
In this extraordinary video, you will see Vince demonstrating the exercises he made famous in his book with Robert Kennedy, “Unleashing the Wild Physique,” as well as in his courses and at his gym. He personally instructs Robert in these exercises, which often both Vince, then Robert do. You will see how Robert sculpted his classic physique as an authentic student under the guidance of Vince, his teacher. Vince also explains many of the reasons behind the style of exercise performance, as well as other priceless training information and tidbits. Vince also talks nutrition and demonstrates posing as well.
This is a rare opportunity to step back into the masterful world of Vince Gironda and get an up close view of how he actually trained his students. It is almost as if Robert Torres has provided the rest of us with a wonderful time machine to go back and train under Vince.
And Robert was a great student, an accomplished bodybuilder. He learned well under Vince and is ready to pass on this priceless knowledge to you.
Robert has held onto this unique, invaluable video material since then but has now decided to make it available due to the overwhelming number of requests he’s gotten from bodybuilders the world over. Those who know bodybuilding know that Vince Gironda was a great trainer, a legendary one-of-a-kind bodybuilding teacher. So Robert Torres, his faithful student, has had this video material re-mastered and is now making the DVD version available to you, the bodybuilder hungry to learn from the great Vince Gironda.
This is your great opportunity to receive the nearest thing to timeless personal instruction from the legendary Iron Guru himself, Vince Gironda, Sculptor of the Classic Physique. You owe it to yourself to act. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by! (or slip away).

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DVD runs for 45 minutes.
DVD ships from Robert Torres - Chula Vista, CA 91914, USA 

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