DVD  by Robby Robinson
Step into the world of Robby Robinson and watch the form that made him one of the best bodybuilders of all time. BUILT reveals Robby's unique philosophy on bodybuilding, training and health through candid interviews and his no-holds-barred workout approach.
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Robby's story and presence is an inspiration for all to use in building one's strength against any kind of adversity in one's life. At 60, Robby is proof his approach works. The DVD was inspired by the success of his website which steers people back to the original simplistic understanding of bodybuilding and self-mastery through discipline, focused training and proper nutrition.
Review of Robby Robinson’s “Built” DVD
By Greg Sushinsky
To watch Robby Robinson’s dvd “Built” is to be in the presence of a master. This is much more than a world class bodybuilder working out, it is as if you are watching an artist at work, one whose art is, as he himself says, his body. As Robby takes the viewer step by step through his workouts, with Robby doing the all the sets, reps and exercises in precise form and with deep concentration—two elements of his approach that you soon learn are hallmarks of his training, Robby also provides a voice over with an insightful narration that’s much more than the mere recitation of what he’s doing. Robby is letting bodybuilders in on his personal training approach which he has honed through roughly 50 years of practice.
Robby not only shows you what he’s doing and how he’s doing things in his workout, but he more importantly tells you why. The measured cadences, the beautiful rhythm of his exercises, and the obvious deep focus bring a rare degree of concentration to his bodybuilding. And this is by design, Robby’s design. It’s no accident that although Robby has developed substantial muscle size, the lasting impression you get from his physique is that it is, indeed, a work of art.
Robby makes clear in this dvd when he talks about his training, nutrition, rest, concentration, and any element that goes into his bodybuilding, that it is all aimed at producing an enhancing the artistry that is his body itself. His selection of exercises and the way he applies them, with the economy of style and the smoldering energy, shows you that his passion for body artistry is channeled into the muscle as he works. Much has been written about mind-muscle connections, or concentration, which can be nebulous terms to even experienced bodybuilders. Sometimes a demonstration of these in action is the best teacher, and that’s what Robby demonstrates in this DVD.
As impressive for the viewer as Robby and his physique are when going through his workouts and detailing what’s going on, Robby is even more impressive as he lets you in on how he’s fashioned a coming together of mind, body and spirit in his bodybuilding and life. While mind, body and spirit are sometimes clichés thrown around in bodybuilding, in Robby’s case they are real. Very real. Robby exudes the passion for bodybuilding still after nearly five decades, and encourages the viewer to develop and put their own passion to work. Robby has overcome considerable obstacles in life and bodybuilding by developing and nurturing his own confidence, self-discipline, sense of purpose, and drive to achieve his physique and his life’s goals. The best part of his encouraging message to the viewer is that Robby insists this, too, is available to you. You just have to cultivate it, beginning in small steps and go from there.
In addition to the 45 minute workout footage which also features a short segment of Robby adding inspiring commentary, there is also footage of Robby doing a few of his signature poses which he has, like any great bodybuilder, made his own. The second dvd in the set features a section on body mechanics, which finds Robby demonstrating very carefully exercise performance, with Dean Murray lending expert commentary as to what Robby is doing and how the body should be positioned for the muscles to work at their optimum. Then there are two other great features on the second dvd, an extended interview with Robby, where he talks about life, health, and how this great thing called bodybuilding is available to you and can be your springboard into your own better life, as well. The finale features rousing footage by Joe Valdez of vintage posing by Robby, back in the days when the Black Prince first burst into widespread prominence, to cap off what is a sensational view into the physique artist and his work.
The Black PrinceCheck out Robby's book,

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