by Steve Davis

Review by Greg Sushinsky

We’re very proud and excited to present a terrific book by one of the greatest classical bodybuilders of all time, Steve Davis. Achieving Total Muscularity is a complete volume that tells you in detail how to train for the unique brand of symmetry, proportion, aesthetics and definition that made Steve’s physique one of the sensations of the 1970s and after. The book contains a wealth of Steve’s hard earned knowledge, and while it was written with the information he gained from the 70s and the 80s, the book, just as Steve’s physique, was and is still ahead of its time.

Steve lays out in exquisite detail how to train, including how to set up your workouts, how to do the exercises, what to eat for maximum success and health, and he holds nothing back. There are unique exercises, workouts, as well as rare insights into the building of a championship physique. All this is presented in a thorough, detailed work that is condensed into 72 full-size pages in an 8.5 x 11 format. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but this book has an enormous amount of valuable information, some of which you won’t find anywhere else. There are great inspirational photos throughout the book.

The unique features of this book include Steve’s original approach to physique evaluation, training and correcting your weak points, as well as master diets, and a full year’s training plan. This book is the next best thing to having Steve train you himself. There are additional sections on the symmetrical ideal, achieving the symmetrical look, and the anatomical self-analysis needed to pursue this symmetrical look. While written in clear, understandable style, the book is also a thesis, a dissertation on classical bodybuilding.

Not enough can be said about Steve’s unique approach to training and nutrition, which led to his creation of the New Breed of physique, which was a tremendous blend of all the qualities Steve sought to create in his classic physique. Steve Davis’ physique is in the lineage going back to Reeves, Gironda, and Zane, but he blazes new trails with his own look and his methods. He is ultimately an original.

The book reflects Steve’s lifelong passion for bodybuilding, and although it was written from his own experience, Steve has been a devoted and successful teacher of bodybuilding to others. Clearly, he communicates and teaches his unique methods through his vivid, intelligent writing as he shares how to apply his unique ideas. Anyone can learn and improve from this book.

If you are looking for a book that tells you in detail how to create the kind of sensational physique that is not merely about undifferentiated mass, but is instead a balanced living sculpture, if you’re looking for the keys to creating a show-stopping physique, a work of art, then this book is for you.

This book can be valuable whether you are a collector or bodybuilder or just an athlete or fitness person who wishes to improve. A great book by a great bodybuilder.

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Book Details:
Title: Achieving Total Muscularity
Author: Steve Davis
Paperback, 72 pages
8 1/2 inches by 11 inches
21.6 cm by 27.9 cm

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Steve DavisSteve Davis - IFBB Mr. World 1977 - competed at the highest level during the Golden Era of bodybuilding. Steve appeared on the cover of 7 bodybuilding magazines. He trained closely with Vince Gironda for 3 decades. More bio

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