by Elaine LaLanne and Greg Justice
Foreword by Lou Ferrigno

Decades before celebrities and athletes promoted health and fitness, Jack LaLanne, The Godfather of Fitness, was already recognized for publicly preaching the health benefits of regular exercise, proper nutrition and a positive attitude. Pride & Discipline: The Legacy of Jack LaLanne reintroduces Jack's message to a new generation.

This book is written in Jack's own words, along with the words of those he inspired. It is co-authored by Elaine (Lala) LaLanne, The First Lady of Physical Fitness and Greg Justice, National Fitness Hall of Fame inductee (2017).

Elaine saved Jack's writings, some he had scribbled down in the middle of the night and others were interviews and magazine articles; would you believe, dating back to 1934.

Pride & Discipline: The Legacy of Jack LaLanne is packed with his beliefs in mind power, overcoming obstacles, visualization, motivation, humor, and of course, exercise and nutrition.

Jack often said, "I can't die because it would be bad for my image." But, as Lou Ferrigno says in the foreword, "The truth is, his legacy will live on forever because of his vitality, positive attitude and wonderful sense of humor."

Jack opened the first modern health club in 1936. He was the first to have a nationally syndicated television show on exercise and nutrition. He invented the Leg Extension Machine, Weight Selector Machine, Cable/pully Machines, and more. He was the first to train athletes, women and the elderly with weights. He was also the first to encourage the physically challenged to exercise and work around their disabilities.

Jack LaLanne summed up his philosophy about good nutrition and exercise by saying:
"Dying is easy. Living is a pain in the butt. It's like an athletic event. You've got to train for it. You've got to eat right. You've got to exercise. Your health account, your bank account, they're the same thing. The more you put in, the more you can take out."

In addition there's a family scrapbook, along with stories from people in the fitness industry, as well as folks from all walks of life who either knew him or were inspired by him.

From the back cover

It all started with Jack LaLanne: the first gymnasium, the first health club. Now, because of him, there are health clubs everywhere. Every hotel, YMCA, university, sports team, every high school, every military base, every fire station and police station has a health club.
- Arnold Schwarzenegger

Jack was so far ahead of his time. He was the first person to introduce weight training to athletes, to women, to the disabled. He was so inclusive, bringing everybody into the fold.
- Denise Austin

The engaging part about Jack is his incredible enthusiasm to have a student around to show what was possible. He was like an evangelist, like a preacher. He was so enthusiastic about his message.
- Keith Morrison

Jack LaLanne's legacy is that he cared about people. He cared about their fitness, he cared about their energy, he cared about their lives.
- Tony Little

As someone who's constantly encouraging people to live a healthy lifestyle through working out and proper nutrition, I have the utmost respect for the man that started it all. Jack was clearly a fitness visionary. His hard work and determination have been an inspiration to millions including myself.
- Mark Wahlberg

Read Pride & Discipline: The Legacy of Jack LaLanne - Foreword, by Lou Ferrigno

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