The Black Prince 2: Diary of a Bodybuilder
by Robby Robinson

The Black Prince 2: Diary of a Bodybuilder is the second book of old-school bodybuilding legend Robby Robinson, AKA The Black Prince and Mr. Lifestyle. It is a collection of Robby's 50+ years of bodybuilding and lifestyle wisdom. It will send you through all three of the crucial tenants of muscle building and health: Nutrition, Training and Recovery as well as the competitive prep methods that won him numerous bodybuilding titles over his long career. This book is an excellent reference and a must-read for anyone serious about bodybuilding and an overall sustainable healthy life!

From the Back Cover:

With all the nonsense and marketing hype related to the sport of bodybuilding, you have to ask yourself about the motivation of those who give advice or suggest a supplement or training routine. What is their experience walking the talk? Robby Robinson’s motive is the love of the sport and the desire to spread knowledge based on a lifetime of accomplishments. He exemplifies the model of who all serious bodybuilders should emulate. Forget all the awards and contest wins, Robby lives the life and consistently demonstrates results. That’s what makes this book a great read and reference for those who care to improve their life in the sport bodybuilding… regardless of whether you compete or not. He often says: “Some people I help, some people I advise, some I talk to and some I leave alone. They have made up their minds not to listen, and I have made up my mind not to say anything.” In reading this book he has a lot to say and the hope is that you will open your mind and believe in the process and then act!

David DeCillis – Writer/Editor

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