by Greg Sushinsky

The incomparable figure of Steve Reeves stands astride bodybuilding history, so much so that some are not even sure he was real. Rest assured, though, Steve Reeves and the magnificent physique he created—some would say the greatest ever in bodybuilding—was plenty real. While many others admire Reeves and the physique he created, the legacy of his type of physique has been obscured by the different direction modern bodybuilding has taken. This should no longer be the case. Although Reeves left a written legacy of his training and nutrition record, many bodybuilders—particularly natural bodybuilders—still don’t quite understand how to apply his principles of nutrition and working out to develop their own physiques.

That’s where this little book comes in. We examine not only Reeves’ training methods, but offer explanations as to why Reeves chose and developed these, as well as his unique yet straightforward approach to nutrition.

The beauty of Reeves’ approach is that with a little thought, these methods can be applied to any drug-free bodybuilder for potentially terrific gains.

In this book, you’ll learn of Steve Reeves’ approach to exercise for building his legendary physique—as well as some of the exercises Reeves used and why, along with ideas on how to adapt these to your own needs and how to adjust your own workouts to construct your own classic natural physique.

Steve ReevesThere’s also an examination of Reeves’ nutrition—an often overlooked element of his success—and how this approach also can be incorporated by natural bodybuilders. In an age of fads and extreme nutrition, this re-examination of Reeves’ underrated knowledge and application of his nutritional approach can be a key to unlocking greater gains for natural bodybuilders.

Take a quick journey with us as we take a look at how the greatest physique in the history of the world got that way, and how you too can develop your best physique ever, by

Training and Eating the Steve Reeves Way.

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