Training The Natural Way

This time my Hard News report is an article written by my long time friend, Wilfried Dubbels. It is titled “Training the natural way”.
I recently spent a week with Wilfried and his wife in Germany and during that period I recorded on video his latest gym workout, plus posing and also a short interview and his training report on how he maintains his great physique.
This article by Wilfried will serve as an introduction to his new DVD. Wilfried is a regular contributor for the Pharmacy Trade magazines in Germany and was also featured recently in Albert Busek’s magazine which is the German version of M&F.
by Wilfried Dubbels
As a beginner you just need one basic exercise per body part to stimulate your muscle growth. In one training session you can work out all muscle groups with 6-7 different exercises. The abs require no special work the first year at all. It’s no problem in training each muscle group 2-3 times a week. But as an advanced athlete you have to attack your muscles from different angles to make more progress. However the body needs more than one exercise per muscle group to look more complete once you reach an intermediate stage.  For more than 20 years I used to exercise every second day. This allowed my body to regenerate fully and the muscles had more time to grow. I found by experience that more training released too much cortisol and sent me into a catabolic tailspin. Cortisol works in a catabolic way and is antagonistic to testosterone, which is the most important endogeneous muscle building hormone.

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