If your passion is your job, you never go to work a day in your life.
My only aggravation is when having to deal with insincere people that refuse to follow their program and blame me for their lack of results.
I can only help the sincere!
One secret to success is keeping it small. Each member is a name, not a number.
A small but steady clientele is the key to staying open.
I’ve seen many gyms come and go. Most try to get too big.
The warehouse establishments have a HUGE overhead and cannot stay open, unless they trap their members with contracts.
Producing results is a MUST to keep your members happy and is the best form of advertisement.
Also, staying in shape and “walking the walk” is helpful.
Having Abs when teaching others how to get Abs is a HUGE plus.
Making a living is a blessing and looking to get rich is a fantasy.
Many owe me money and some pay and never show up, so I guess things even out?
After years of training, a large variety of equipment is not necessary, as you learn how to make the most of what you have.
Free Weights will NEVER go out of style.
The gym is not a hospital or a barn, but keep it clean. Especially the toilet and water fountain!
People will come and go and many will return.Competition is fierce, since fitness became an industry.
I started in the ‘70’s and am here to stay.Hope this insight helps someone.
All the very best!

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