Celebrate Steve Davis!

Steve DavisNow is a great time to celebrate the work of bodybuilder Steve Davis. Steve built a  lean, classic Mr. World physique on a slender frame by using his considerable intelligence to train and diet to perfection. His secrets are available to you, so you can do the same!

Steve’s books feature his unique ideas on training and diet that he used to build his physique to perfection, and you can do it too. Steve holds nothing back, sharing the exercises, workouts and nutrition plans that you can use to build your own great physique.

Learn from a master, Steve Davis, and start on your way today to your best physique ever!

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Training Back Then and Now



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The Symmetrical Ideal

The following is an excerpt from my book, The Magic of Symmetry
Before seeking to attain a symmetrical physique the trainee must know exactly what he is striving for. The optimum symmetrical physique is one of varied qualities. As mentioned in the foreword the first outstanding quality to be considered is maximum shoulder and waist differential. The deltoids should be developed to the fullest with a squareness achieved by special emphasis on development of the lateral head (side delt). The trapezius should not be overly full. The pectorals should be as square as possible (this is determined by heredity). The delineation of these large chest muscles should be deeply etched. The pectoralis minor (upper pec) should be developed to its limit. The major or lower pec should not be overdone. The line between the two pectorals should be striated and defined. 

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I Think Therefore I Am

The following is an excerpt from my book
Achieving Total Muscularity
Suppose we ran an experiment. We take two bodybuilders of similar age, height and weight, and have them do the same amount of exercise each day for three months. The only difference is that one of the bodybuilders was highly motivated. In each training session, our motivated trainee used heavier and heavier weights, forced out last repetitions and prepared mentally before the actual training started to make each workout more intense than the last one. Our motivated trainee learned to concentrate fully on the muscles worked, making each rep count. The other trainee never missed a workout, but to put it in the vernacular, his heart was not into what he was doing. He would talk to others in the gym between sets, lose concentration in the middle a set and start thinking, "how much more before I can relax in the sauna?" The results: the motivated athlete, of course, has to make better gains. Bodybuilding is like a bank, you get out what you put in with interest. Half hearted attempts net mediocre results in bodybuilding. I've seen so many students use the same weight, the same sets and reps for years and not change their physiques at all. The reason is lack of positive self-motivation. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink.

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The Steve Davis Story

Steve’s body transformation was legendary. He went from being a very strong 285 lbs. power lifter to a 200 lbs. IFBB Mr. World. 
At 285 lbs. Steve was not your typical fat boy, sure he was smooth but he had size and he built his body at that time for strength and power. Once he decided that he wanted to be a successful competitive bodybuilder the transformation began. This transformation was consistent with all endeavors in Steve’s life. He performed an honest assessment on his nutrition, diet, supplementation and training. He then sought out the best and put a plan together to reach his new goal, Mr. World.

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