Originally published at Hercules Invictus, February 2017

Having experienced immediate results by applying one simple principle from Greg Sushinsky's e-book Training the Steve Reeves Way, I was greatly looking forward to experimenting with all the other techniques shared therein and reading the companion volume, Eating the Steve Reeves Way.

Extending my ability to proactively build my physique beyond my workouts would be a great boon indeed. Fortunately Greg Sushinsky delivers once again. He knows his subject matter extremely well and has a talent for teaching conversationally. The information he presents is painless to absorb, easy to understand and simple to apply.

Aside from being an author, Greg is a natural bodybuilder and an advocate for healthy living and drug-free athletic competition. He also runs the Premier Bodybuilding and Fitness website.

There are no fad diets or miraculous shortcuts in this work. Just a clear explanation of what Steve Reeves ate, the specific things he did in relation to eating and why he did them. A balanced, natural and simple approach worked for Steve and it is definitely worth learning. As with his workouts, some of Steve's dietary techniques seem counter-intuitive at first.

Eating the Steve Reeves Way is a quick and easy read. It will be joining Training the Steve Reeves Way in February 2017 as my workout companion and guide. Both of these works will remain so until I have exhausted experimenting with the wealth of information they contain.


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Originally published at Hercules Invictus, February 2017

Steve Reeves Tribute

During his 74 years on our planet he lived a remarkable life and inspired many people to live a fuller, healthier life and to actualize our potential as human beings.

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