Originally published at Hercules Invictus, January 2017

Training the Steve Reeves Way is a short Kindle e-book by Greg Sushinsky. It is based on interviews granted by Steve Reeves to John Little and several articles in MuscleMag, a popular bodybuilding magazine.The author clearly admires Steve Reeves and his well-sculpted classical physique. He also strongly applauds Steve's healthy way of attaining it. Greg Sushinsky is a natural bodybuilder himself and, in addition to writing and exercising, runs the Premier Bodybuilding and Fitness website.

A workout template that Steve used extensively is shared in this book, as well as the reasons why he preferred using it. Several approaches Steve applied to his workouts that seem counterintuitive are also revealed.

Greg Sushinsky informs us that although Steve Reeves had a functional philosophy that he applied effectively, he did not follow it slavishly. He generously allowed for variation and experimentation.

As the book does not take long to read I will be reading it quite often and starting in January 2017 I will be applying the information it contains to my own workouts.


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Originally published at Hercules Invictus, January 2017

Steve Reeves Tribute

During his 74 years on our planet he lived a remarkable life and inspired many people to live a fuller, healthier life and to actualize our potential as human beings.

by Hercules Invictus

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