A few weeks ago I opened an email, from Steve Speyrer, a friend of mine.  Within his email he mentioned a YouTube link to some 1986 lost 16 mm film footage of ‘The Original Iron Guru’ Vince Gironda training one of his students for an upcoming bodybuilding contest.
Having served many years (1991-1995) as ‘the PEN’ for Vince Gironda’s monthly Wild Physique Q & A columns in MuscleMag International, I had been aware of such previous film footage, Oddly though I had never had the opportunity to view it.
Heck, even before I logged onto the YouTube lost film footage of Vince I was getting pumped just thinking about seeing this Trainer of the Stars (movie stars and physique contestants) for over 50 years in living, moving, speaking color.
I logged onto www.youtube.com (DVD Clips) and begin watching the 5:15 minute trailer of the film.  It was very interesting watching and listening to Vince, the face of old school bodybuilding, as he --personally and frankly-- shared his inner  training secrets with one of his students Robert Torres, an in near contest shape bodybuilder.  I was definitely hooked on this brief footage.  
I am always ready to take a trip (free-fall) back into some of the finest days of iron game history so I placed an order for the complete DVD Vince Gironda THE SCULPTOR OF CLASSIC PHYSIQUES.
The DVD arrived a few days later and I had a real sense of anticipation as I put into the player.  
Lights, Camera, Action!!!
Lights out, curtains drawn, grab the remote, volume up.  The DVD Vince Gironda THE SCULPTOR OF CLASSIC PHYSIQUES begins:
I have viewed dozens upon dozens of iron game related DVDs and VHS video’s over the years.  I immediately observed how well preserved the film quality and sound was for being nearly 30 years old.  As a result there were no sweaty palms of anticipation turning into clinched fists.
In many scene selections of the DVD Vince bombastically screams (booms) training instruction to Robert Torres.  This is typical Vince Gironda to many, but what is less know and revealed in other scene selections is the humorous and sensitive side of Vince Gironda persona.
Overall the DVD keeps up a fast pace throughout, with vintage Vince concentrating on offering plenty of informative tips on exercise technique and nutrition.  
One of the cool things about Robert Torres being in near contest condition is that one can readily observe the muscles response to the effect of select exercises.
There is even a cameo appearance of the late Kay Baxter, a contest entering and winning pioneer female bodybuilder (1979-1986).
Obviously there is no need for a valium when watching this remarkable Re-Mastered DVD.
In my personal opinion this raw, uncut, no-frills "tell-all" "forgotten footage" video-DVD presentation is a terrific souvenir in the remembrance of the Vince Gironda Muscle Legend legacy and how bodybuilding was back in the day.
The money’s worth vintage information shared in this DVD will at the very least inspire home viewers (bodybuilders) to new levels of commitment to the way they train in the future.  

Dennis B. Weis is a Ketchikan, Alaska based power-bodybuilder. He is the co-author of 4 critically acclaimed books; Mass!, Raw MuscleAnabolic Muscle Mass and Huge & Freaky. He is also a frequent hard-hitting uncompromising freelance consultant to many of the mainstream bodybuilding magazines published worldwide.

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