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Bodybuilding Legends Toast Dan Lurie, The Last Icon of the Sport's Founding Trinity
Dan Lurie left behind an accomplished legacy as a fitness promoter capable of legendary physical feats. Join bodybuilding stars past and present as they remember "Dan the Muscleman."
Like any billion-dollar global industry, bodybuilding would not have gotten where it is today without a solid foundation built by passionate, pioneering individuals. Dan Lurie was one of the sport's founding fathers, and his lofty dreams and peerless work ethic gave him a wide-ranging influence that his level of fame didn't always match. This man of strength and power, who in his prime pressed a 285-pound barbell with one hand at a body weight of 168 pounds, took his final breath on November 6, 2013.
Dan was the founder of the World Body Building Guild (WBBG), a string of fitness publications including "Muscle Training Illustrated," the Dan Lurie Barbell Company, and a number of prominent East Coast gyms, mostly in the New York area. He was also bodybuilding's preeminent celebrity for a time, appearing on countless television shows and as "Sealtest Dan, the Muscle Man" on the CBS Sealtest Big Top show.

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One of Dan's most prestigious accomplishments was to win the AAU America’s Most Muscular Man title three times in the early 1940s. But even when he didn't have any titles to defend, Dan was the embodiment of his favorite expression, "health is your greatest wealth." He lived, breathed, and tirelessly promoted the bodybuilding lifestyle with an incredible intensity for the majority of his 90 years.

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