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One of the best websites for fitness and bodybuilding, Clarence Bass’ RippedTM Enterprises, www.cbass.com has undergone an extensive remake. The same great articles are there, but the navigation for readers is vastly improved.
Clarence is one of the legends in the bodybuilding fitness world, spanning decades of successful training and competing, and his website is one of the most intelligent ones in the entire field. Give Clarence’s revamped site a look!

Clarence Bass' Training Results from Age 15 to 77

Through unfailing life-long consistency and careful documentation Clarence has shown the role that high intensity exercise, endurance, and excellent nutrition can contribute to the maintenance of maximum human physical function throughout the life span.

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The Magic of Symmetry - Covers



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Sculptor of Classic Physiques - DVD Clips

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Zottman Curls for Complete Forearm Development

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Simple Nutrition Session

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