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Chuck Sipes, one of the legendary bodybuilders of the 1960s, featured a brand of dense muscle mass that was backed up by an enormous amount of strength. Long before the term “power bodybuilding” or “powerbuilding” was tossed around, Sipes was practicing this in a big way.
Sipes was known for not only his large, hard-packed muscle mass, but his prodigious strength on bodybuilding lifts such as the bench press, behind-the-neck press, and many other compound strength and muscle builders.

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5 Powerbuilding Workouts for Strength & SizeWhat is powerbuilding you ask?
The simple answer is that it’s a combination of bodybuilding and powerlifting where the goal is to add lean muscle mass with the strength to match.
A powerbuilder therefore may chose to compete in either sport but one does not need to compete in anything simply to have the goal of building strength & muscular size.

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