If you are currently suffering from lower back pain but want to continue working out please look over this health report to ensure you’re not causing any further damage. 
Sometimes what seems like a small nagging injury can gradually become much more serious if you’re using incorrect form.
Even if you don’t currently have a lower back injury you should still pay attention because almost everyone suffers back pain at some point.
As a former back pain sufferer I should know. I used to avoid all kinds of exercises that didn’t feel right and it wasn’t until I met Inury Specialist Rick Kaselj, MS that things turned around for me. 
I’m confident Rick can help you out in the same way he did for me by sharing some of the common pitfalls you’ll find at the gym that can lead to serious back pain.
Click to read 5 Pitfalls at the Gym Leading to Back Pain - FREE PDF download
Vince's GymVince Gironda is one of bodybuilding’s pioneers. In fact many call him the father of bodybuilding. His roots go all the way back to the mid-1900s, when he opened his own gym in 1948, in North Hollywood, California. As a trainer and gym owner, Vince quickly developed a reputation as a trainer of champions, including the very first IFBB Mr. Olympia in 1965. From there, his fame grew and his gym began attracting some of the biggest names in bodybuilding, including Lou Ferrigno, Frank Zane and even Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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